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With our advanced subscription plan you get access to all the information you need in order to take the plunge into saving on your distressed property purchase.
Benefits of advanced subscription:

  • Access to value deals and great savings on distressed properties
  • Detailed description and images of properties
  • A comprehensive database containing valuable information
  • Saved time and stress while searching for your ideal property
  • Site visit packages
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Transaction Assistance through Authorized Agents.

Transaction Assistance through Authorised Agents:

This service offers access to specialised agents who have been selected by our team at Property Auction Plus to assist you in the entire process of buying distressed property. Benefits of this service are:

  • Help finding property that best suits your needs
  • Organized site visits
  • Guidance through the entire auction process
  • Assistance during the bidding process
  • Point of reference for any assistance

Please note: This will be a success based fee service chargeable @ 2% of the property sale value. This fee will only be charged to you if your bid is successfully accepted by the holding institution in the auction process. If not, you need not pay this fee. A formal engagement/fee letter will be carried by PAP authorised agent for your signature during the first site visit.